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Cables and connectors

Cables and plugs for rental
We rent everything in plugs and cables for computers. USB-C, HDMI, Mini display port, USB, Mini USB and much more. With us you can rent everything in adapters and connections.
We rent out cables that fit your device
Most digital devices and computers have different connectivity options. The most common for digital images and sound is HDMI, where USB-C is making its entrance with its great diversity. With USB_c you can transfer data at a higher speed than you know from USB. Is particularly suitable for lightning charging, but can also be used to connect accessories such as mouse and keyboard. Apple has developed their own usb-c cable where there is a lightning input at one end, which only fits Apple devices.
Rent an adapter with
If your device does not have the desired input, you can also rent an adapter so that you can still connect. If you have, for example, a usb-usb-c adapter, which is practical to use if your computer is now of an older date. Also suitable for use with Apple devices, so you can connect their newer keyboards. You can also rent an HDMI splitter so you can connect 4 screens to one device.

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