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Rent gamer screen

Make your gaming dream come true with gaming monitor rental.
Nordic IT Rental offers the rental of gamer monitors for e-sports events and LAN events. We rent to companies, associations and for events.
We offer rental of professional e-sports equipment and semi-professional e-sports equipment. This means that you can rent equipment used for the world’s leading e-sports competitions. In addition to the professional series of gaming equipment, we also offer a slightly cheaper series which is well-suited for semi-professional users who want to “sniff” e-sports.

Rental of professional gaming equipment

We can offer professional gaming monitors from Benq, AOC and several other manufacturers.
The most powerful screens are delivered with 360HZ and 1 ms. which means that you will experience an incredibly smooth and responsive gameplay, where every single image is displayed instantly and without delay.
This is essential for any serious eSports player as it gives you a competitive edge and allows you to react faster than your opponents.

Our semi-professional gaming monitors are still high quality, but at a more affordable price. These monitors still have a fast refresh rate and low response time, giving you a great gaming experience without breaking the budget.

Whether you’re hosting an eSports event or attending a LAN event, you can rely on our gamer monitors to deliver an amazing visual experience. Our monitors are designed to highlight the smallest details of the game and give you clear and crisp graphics so you can enjoy every game to the fullest.

Rent the equipment for the period you need it

You can rent the equipment for the period you need it and then return it without having to worry about storage or maintenance. You can also choose to upgrade your equipment when it suits you, so you always have the latest and best on the market.

In addition to being flexible and budget-friendly, our IT rental program is also an environmentally friendly solution. By renting the equipment instead of buying it, you reduce your company’s climate footprint by avoiding unnecessary electronic waste. It’s a win-win situation where you get access to the best equipment, while at the same time contributing to a sustainable future.

Don’t worry, everything is included

When you rent one or more monitors, everything you need to connect it to your PC is included. Regardless of whether you have rented computers from us or you use your own PC, we can offer cables and equipment that fit your PC.
Our rental screens can also be used for gaming consoles such as PS5 etc.

Get the benefits of renting a gamer monitor

Flexibility: Rent a gamer screen as needed
Budget-friendly: Save money by renting instead of buying
Updated technology: Access the latest gamer display technology
Professional support: Get help and guidance from experts
Increased productivity: Optimize your gaming experience with a top quality gamer screen.

Frequently asked questions about renting a gamer screen

What is gaming monitor rental?

Renting a gamer screen is a service where you can rent a gamer screen for a certain period of time instead of buying it.

How does renting a gamer screen work?

You choose the desired gamer monitor, the rental period and order it online or by phone. You can then use the gamer screen for the agreed period, after which it will be returned.

What are the advantages of renting a gamer monitor?

The benefits of renting a gamer monitor include flexibility, budget-friendliness, access to up-to-date technology, professional support and increased productivity.

Can I rent a gamer monitor for a short period?

Yes, you can rent a gamer screen for a short period of up to 7 days, which gives you flexibility and the opportunity to adapt the rental period according to your wishes.

What happens if the gamer screen is damaged during the rental period?

If the gamer monitor is damaged during the rental period, you will normally be responsible for covering the cost of repairing or replacing the monitor. It is important to read and understand the rental agreement to be aware of any limitations of liability. If the accident has happened, you must contact us and we will take care of the damage treatment and delivery of a replacement screen.

Contact us

If you are interested in hearing more about the possibility of renting e-sports equipment, you are welcome to contact our sales department on 71998904 or by sending us an email at