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Rent your iPad today

Rent an iPad here on this page. We offer rental of several different types of iPads and we have more than 800 in stock. We can offer the following models for rent: iPad Air2, iPad 2017, iPad 2018, iPad Pro and the large iPad Pro 12.9″. When you rent iPads through Nordic IT Rental, you are guaranteed well-functioning equipment that is delivered charged and installed according to your wishes. Ready to use.
When you rent from us
Our rental iPads are delivered incl. cover and you can choose from several different ones. If you need a special cover, with a keyboard or a cover that can withstand water and impact, we can also offer that. We also offer rental of 4G data cards. This means that the iPad has access to the internet regardless of where in the country you are. You are not dependent on being near Wi-Fi when you use an iPad with a 4G data card. We rent data cards incl. 50-100 GB of data.

When you rent an iPad, it is delivered in a smart silicone cover or in a cover with the option to rotate it. With a cover, the iPad is protected against knocks and scratches. The silicone cover provides a very good grip, and is therefore a good choice if you need to use the iPad on the go or for outdoor activities. We also offer the rental of many other equipment for iPads, such as floor stands, table stands, cables etc. With a floor stand, you can mount the iPad in a stand on the floor, which can be locked.

We advise and help with setting up iPads, as there are many smart settings that can make your rental easier and smarter.
We are experts in short-term rental
You can rent an iPad from us on a short-term basis if you only need to use it for a shorter period. It is recommended, as you therefore do not have to go out and finance an expensive iPad that you only need to use for a limited period of time. If, on the other hand, the need is for long-term rental for 12 to 24 months, there can also be money to save. We also do not have a long commitment period, as one of the only ones in Denmark. So you decide for yourself how long you want to rent an iPad.
You have the option of renting additional equipment
We also have a lot of different equipment that can compliment your iPad. We rent out e.g. table stands and floor stands, as well as power banks, so you always have power ready. We also offer a Lightning to HDMI Digital AV connector so you can connect your rental iPad to a screen. This allows you to share your content on a screen or projector. The possibilities are many and Nordic IT Rental certainly has the product in stock that will complete your use of rented IT equipment.

You are always welcome to contact our sales department on tel. 71998904 and find out more about what you can rent from us. The prices are indicated per week e.g. VAT and delivery.