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Rent a laptop from DKK. 450 per week

If you or your company need to rent a PC or several computers for a limited period, we can certainly help you. Nordic IT Rental offers rental of a wide range of portable PCs and computers at a sharp price and flexible solution. We have many different brands and models in stock that are ready to be put into use. Among others from Lenovo and Apple. Apple laptops are of course supplied with the latest OS (operating system).

Above you can see some of the common models we offer for hire. The equipment can be tailored and delivered with exactly the software that suits your needs. As standard, our computers are delivered with the Microsoft Windows 10 operating system installed. You can easily and simply have them delivered with the entire Microsoft Office suite or other software.
Advantages of renting a laptop
There can be many good reasons for renting your IT equipment. There may be a need to rent laptops in connection with an event, a conference or a temporary workplace. By renting a laptop, you avoid having to pay a large down payment or finance computers.

Short-term renting of your IT equipment from us is a flexible solution, as your needs for what a PC should be able to do can change over time. That way, you are not obligated and after 7 days of rental will only pay for the time you need, with a fixed low daily price. It is also an advantage if your budget is tight, as you can be a student, unemployed or in an internship.

On our website you can also rent accessories for your PC. We have a lot of different things in stock, so check out our large selection here . We offer, among other things, sharing of mouse, data card and modem at a favorable price.
Why rent refurbished?
At Nordic IT Rental we are in favor of giving life to used PCs. That is why we buy older equipment and get them ready again, with the necessary hardware and software installed. In this way, we protect the environment and at the same time save money in the long run. We see it as a win-win for all parties. We have, among other things, brands such as Lenovo, Dell, HP and Apple in stock, all of which are ready for delivery and can be used immediately.
We are experts in short-term letting
As an IT rental company, we have good experience in being able to prepare and set up many laptops, for example at larger conferences. We can also easily prepare computers and accessories for a gaming event. We set up all the equipment and make sure everything works. With us as your supplier of IT equipment, you are guaranteed a lot of laptops ready for your event. We can also specially adapt the configuration so that the computer matches your exact wishes. If you need to rent more than 30 laptops, it would be a good idea to book them at least a week before you need them.

Our equipment is rented for up to 7 days and we can offer fast delivery from day to day in Zealand and within a few days in Jutland.

You are always welcome to contact our sales department on tel. 71998904 and find out more about what we can offer. The prices are indicated per week e.g. VAT and delivery.