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Rent an office PC

You can save a lot of money by renting a PC for the office through Nordic IT Rental. If you rent an Office PC from us today, we will deliver it tomorrow. If we are talking about many units, we would of course like to have your booking in good time. Whether you need one or a hundred computers, we take care of setup if you need it. When you rent an office PC, it always comes with the latest version of Windows installed.

You can be sure that it is ready for use upon receipt, so that you do not have to spend unnecessary time on preparation. If you need the Microsoft Office package, it is possible to choose to install this when booking. Contact our sales department if you need to rent one or more computers for the office. Regardless of whether your need is for a shorter or longer period, we would very much like to hear from you. No task is too big or small.
Rental for a temporary workplace
There can be many reasons for a temporary workplace. Perhaps your company has to move offices, you have had your lease terminated or you have to work from home for a temporary period. Regardless of the reason, you can save money with a flexible and cheap rental through us. Here you only rent computer equipment from one week onwards, as long as the need is there. The equipment can either be picked up at our address in Ballerup or sent directly to the desired destination, and you will always receive it prepared according to your wishes.
We offer rental for events or conferences
If you need to rent many machines for a shorter period, such as for an event or a conference, you will benefit from renting it through us. We are used to filling our van with computers and driving far to set up, so that your event or conference will be supported with the right IT equipment. We have, among other things, experience in delivering computers for large events in the Bella Center or at hotels where a workstation must be set up for employees from abroad. With us as a supplier, you are spared a lot of trouble, as you can safely leave all the technical matters to us. We will not leave until you are satisfied.
Remember to rent accessories as well
Don’t forget to rent the right accessories for your PC. We have a large selection of, among other things, mice, keyboards and lots of cables. And it is difficult, if not impossible, to enjoy a desktop computer without a screen. Fortunately, we have super nice screens from Dell, HP, Aizo and Samsung. See the full selection here . Please contact us if you have any questions. Then we are happy to help. Catch us on phone 71998904 .