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DKK 600,- (Price for first weeks rent)
DKK 38,- (Price after the first weeks rent, per day )

Rent a 4G Router and create your own Wi-Fi network regardless of where you are in Denmark. The router is easy to set up and only requires you to turn it on. It is possible to rent the 4G router incl. a data card with 50 GB of data. The wireless router can be recommended if you need to get several devices on the Internet, but without a fixed Internet connection. The router functions as a regular Wi-Fi connection point, but with a 4G data card fitted, a connection to the Internet is created. You only pay NOK 200 per Data card and then have 50 GB of data usage. The card expires automatically after 7 days. If you need more data than 50 GB, we can easily "top up" the data. 50 GB of data is far more data than what an average family uses in an entire month.


Rent powerful 4G Router with dual data cardIt is suitable for the more demanding user. TELTONIKA RUT950 has the option of inserting 2 pcs. SIM/DATA card, to achieve a better connection. There is a connection to LAN ports if you want network cabling. It is also possible to remotely control the router from a web browser. The 4 antennas ensure maximum connection. You have the option of renting a data card for the DWR-921. You only pay NOK 200 for 50 GB of data. Below you can see approx. data consumption per day with the following use: Surf the web and email: 0.20 GB Streaming music etc.: 1 GB Streaming movies etc.: 2-5 GB When you rent a data card through Nordic IT Rental, you get a Data card with 50 GB of data for DKK 200, when there is no more data on the card, it can be topped up. The card expires automatically after 7 days. Can be extended to the number of days you want.

Porte4-port switch (integrated)
StørrelseDimensions (W x D x H): 19 cm x 11.15 cm x 2.35 cm
Type4G Router - wireless mobile modem
Vægt0.5 KG