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DKK 2200,- (Price for first weeks rent)
DKK 138,- (Price after the first weeks rent, per day )

Rent an Extreme Gaming PC package and get some of the most powerful on the gaming market right now. The package is complete with everything you need to get a professional gamer solution. This extremely powerful PC is suitable for users who have very high requirements for games and not least the graphics. The computer is equipped with the new powerful AMD Ryzen 7 - 3.7GHz CPU and a Geforce RTX2070 TwinFan graphics card. Naturally, a lightning fast SSD disk and 16 GB of RAM are installed. Incl. an AOC 27" curved screen. Havit gaming keyboard, mouse, mouse pad and headset. When you rent an Extreme Gamer PC you are welcome to install your own programs and software, otherwise we can be helpful in doing so.


Rent a complete package solution with everything you need for the professional gamer package. Custom build Gamer PC. The computer comes with a powerful AMD Ryzen 7 - 3.7GHz CPU. The computer can run the most advanced games and is definitely for the more demanding user. When you rent an Extreme gaming PC, it is delivered installed and ready for use with Microsoft Windows 10 Pro. An AOC 27" curved screen with a response time of just 1 MS is included. The package is delivered complete incl. keyboard, mouse, mouse pad and headset that will complete the gaming experience on the computer.Rent a computer powerful computerThe computer is suitable for all more powerful games or for gamers who absolutely do not want to compromise with their equipment. 16 GB of RAM and an extremely fast SSD disk are installed in the computer. When you rent a gaming PC, you can install exactly the games and programs you want on the computer. You are welcome to log into your own Steam game account during the rental period. If you need help installing games and applications, we are happy to help.You also have the option of renting accessories when you rent a gaming PC. We offer, among other things, the rental of steering wheels and pedals for car games and VR equipment. If you need a complete solution with Gaming mouse, keyboard, mouse pad and screen, then you are very welcome to contact us. We can deliver everything within gaming and accessories.Ready to use upon receiptThe computer is delivered installed and ready for use upon receipt. You are welcome to install your own software on the computer. The content on the computer will be deleted after the end of the rental. It is possible to rent a gaming chair for the gaming PC package, which will complete the gaming experience.

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