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Rent the latest Meta Quest 3 VR glasses. Immerse yourself in a virtual world with the Meta Quest 3 wearable VR headset, which has been redesigned to be slimmer and more comfortable. It has 128 GB of internal memory and built-in speakers.


Rent Meta Quest 3 VR glasses now and experience virtual reality

Imagine for a moment, a world where the line between the virtual and the real is blurred. An entrepreneur stands in front of his screen, wearing a pair of Meta Quest 3 VR glasses and suddenly everyday worries have disappeared, replaced by a world full of endless possibilities. But for many small business owners, such experiences seem like a distant dream – bound by budgets and the rapid technological development.

Capital is critical.

The technology develops at lightning speed. Keeping up can seem like a Sisyphus task. But with the right leasing program, your company can switch from chasing to leading.

Meta Quest 3's Features

With Meta Quest 3, you step into the technological wonders of tomorrow. These VR glasses are not just a window to virtual worlds, but a powerhouse of true interaction and depth of experience. Equipped with cutting-edge technology such as precise motion tracking and hand interaction, Quest 3 elevates your business to new heights of innovation and customer satisfaction, all while staying ahead of the digital transformation.

Imagine being able to impress customers with a 360-degree presentation, train employees through simulators so realistic they can almost feel the objects, or network with business partners in a multi-user virtual meeting room. Meta Quest 3 enables all these scenarios with a combination of high resolution visual rendering, intuitive user interface and effortless setup. Investing in the technology of the future need not be a difficult decision – you can rent your VR equipment at Nordic IT Rental for good reason. This gives you cheap access to the ground-breaking technology that Meta Quest 3 makes an accessible reality for your company.

Latest Technology in VR

Meta Quest 3 represents the very best in VR technology, where the boundaries of realism and interactivity are blurred. Equipped with advanced tracking and haptic feedback, the user is enveloped in a genuine digital world, strengthened by ground-breaking software.

Immersiveness on a whole new level is achieved when VR passes from pure entertainment to become a vital business tool. With Quest 3's seamless integration into work processes, you get unimaginable opportunities for training, product development and customer engagement in a virtual dimension.

Meta Quest 3 revolutionizes how we interact with technology and each other.

With IT leasing of Meta Quest 3, smaller companies can step into tomorrow without large capital investment. This creates a unique opportunity to adapt to the rapid technological development, increase the attractiveness of the company and offer your customers an unforgettable experience that strengthens your brand.

Ease of use and comfort

Meta Quest 3 is designed with the user at the center, ensuring an intuitive and convenient experience from start to finish. Ergonomic design and adjustable straps make it easy to adapt the headset to each individual user.

With its light weight and balanced design, you avoid the classic inconveniences of prolonged use. The built-in airflow minimizes the risk of getting hot and uncomfortable, while the padded areas ensure comfort against the skin. Attention has been paid to every detail to optimize the user experience and make virtual reality accessible to everyone, regardless of technical ability.

An easy-to-navigate interface is complemented by instant access to an extensive library of apps and games. Ease of use is further enhanced with the Quest 3's wireless configuration, which eliminates the clutter of cables and provides the freedom to move undisturbed.

In addition, your security is a high priority through advanced built-in security functions. With the adjustable safety zones, you are warned before approaching physical obstacles, giving you the peace of mind to fully enjoy your virtual experiences. Live in another world, without worrying about the real one - that's the freedom of the new Meta Quest 3 VR glasses.

Possibilities of use with VR

Imagine being able to train your employees in complex procedures without the risk of real-world errors, or present your latest product in a way that transcends traditional boundaries. With VR technology, your sales meetings and training initiatives are transformed into engaging and memorable experiences. With Meta Quest 3 VR glasses, you get the key to a world of possibilities that both improve learning and creativity in your company.

The potential for user involvement is enormous; customers can immerse themselves in your brand and product in a way that conventional marketing cannot match. Give them an experience rather than just a presentation, and create a lasting impression that is both beneficial for the customer and creates value for your company.

Games and Entertainment

Meta Quest 3 VR glasses offer a whole new dimension of gaming and entertainment. Imagine being completely surrounded by the game's universe, where every movement and every look becomes part of virtual reality.

With an ever-growing library of VR games and experiences, an endless array of opportunities unfolds to immerse yourself in adventure, sports simulations, and heart-pounding action games. You can fight dragons, ski down steep slopes, or experience the adrenaline rush of a space battle – all from the comfort of your own home. With Meta Quest 3's intuitive controls, every action becomes lifelike and immersive, enhancing the illusion of being somewhere else.

Furthermore, VR excels at creating social experiences even when physical distance is a factor. Family and friends can gather in virtual spaces, regardless of geographic location. They can share instant experiences, explore new worlds together, or simply hang out in a variety of social virtual spaces. This level of connection makes Meta Quest 3 the ultimate tool for both fun and cohesion.

It is important to understand that by renting Meta Quest 3 VR glasses, you will not only get access to entertainment and games, but also to a great opportunity to connect people. This makes the investment less of a burden for your company, and opens up creative solutions for how you can attract and engage customers or teams. The offer to "live the game" becomes a reality with Meta Quest 3, and it has the potential to change your understanding of what entertainment really means.

Education and training

Turn knowledge into virtual practice with Meta Quest 3.

Imagine a world where education is limitless . Where you can explore complex mechanisms, visit historical sites, or practice surgical procedures without the risk of error. Meta Quest 3 VR glasses provide this freedom in education and training – an unparalleled opportunity for dynamic and interactive learning that can transform traditional education.

Experience learning with the whole body through immersive technology.

With Meta Quest 3 you strengthen business skills in a safe simulated world . This means hands-on learning with no downtime or material costs, reducing expenses and increasing efficiency. Educational institutions and companies can revolutionize their training programs with VR's realistic scenarios that ensure deeper understanding and better memory.

Your teams can improve their performance by constantly challenging and developing their skills in a real-life environment.

When the rental period ends, you have created a foundation of valuable and modern skills . We see a future where VR training is the norm, and by renting Meta Quest 3 now, you're positioning your company as a pioneer in innovation and learning. Continuing education with Meta Quest 3 is not just a look into the future, it is an investment in the ongoing success of your organization.

Rent before you buy

It can be a costly affair to go all in on the latest technology, especially if it has not yet been tested within the specific framework of your company. By renting Meta Quest 3 VR glasses , you get the opportunity to flawlessly integrate and evaluate the technology's potential in your business strategy before making a major investment.

Consider renting your VR equipment as a form of risk minimization - a financially beneficial "test drive". It gives you room to test how virtual reality can be optimized for your particular field, without the financial pressure a full investment would entail. With the rental option comes a flexibility that allows your business to remain agile and adapted to the times when technology is constantly evolving. By renting, you invest in exactly the level of knowledge and competence that your company needs here and now.

Flexible rental periods

For optimal adaptation to your company's needs, we offer rental periods with impressive flexibility.

  • Short-term rental for project-based tasks or events.
  • Medium-term periods for more extensive testing and integration.
  • Long-term rental for an in-depth understanding and anchoring of VR in your company.
  • Scalable solutions , so you can easily adjust the number of VR glasses in line with your company's growth and needs.
  • Upgrade options , which ensure that your technology is always up to date.

You don't settle for a one-size-fits-all solution; you get a tailored experience.

Choose the lease term that matches your strategic vision and avoid long-term commitments.

Financial Benefits of Renting

Renting Meta Quest 3 VR glasses can reduce your upfront costs. Without the necessity of a large initial investment, renting the equipment can be an economically advantageous solution for small businesses.

You save on maintenance and repairs. When renting, it is often the lessor's responsibility to maintain the equipment.

Renting also promotes budgeting precision. With fixed monthly payments, you avoid unexpected expenses such as purchases (where unforeseen repair costs can arise), thereby ensuring a more predictable economy.

A rental agreement often includes full service and support. This means less worry about technical maintenance and more focus on your business development.

In addition, you preserve capital for other investments. Leasing frees up funds that would otherwise be tied up in equipment, allowing resources to be allocated to other growth-promoting activities within your business.

Finally, there are tax benefits to renting. Rental costs can often be deducted as operating costs, which can reduce your taxable income and improve your pre-tax bottom line.

Get started with Meta Quest 3

Transform your company's daily routine into an interactive experience with Meta Quest 3. This advanced VR technology is now within reach through rental, without expensive commitments.

Imagine being able to hold immersive meetings or create unique customer experiences with one click – it's possible with Meta Quest 3. With leasing, you get access to the latest technology for a fixed, manageable monthly price and no worries about obsolescence.

Renting Meta Quest 3 doesn't just make financial sense; it is a direct investment in your company's innovative profile. Leap into the future and differentiate yourself from the competition already today.

How to set up

To get started with Meta Quest 3, the device must first be fully charged. Place the included batteries in the controllers and keep the headset connected to a power source until ready to use.

Then place the boundary markers in the room where the VR will be applied. This will define your playing area and ensure a safe experience.

The next step is to connect the Meta Quest 3 to your company's Wi-Fi network. Open the Meta app on a smartphone or tablet and follow the simple instructions to pair the headset with the app. Once this is done, you have access to a world of VR content.

Ultimately, it's about personalizing the experience. Through the Meta app, you can set preferences for each user, download the necessary applications and choose the experiences that best complement your company's needs. This creates a tailored and engaging virtual reality that both amazes and inspires.

Tips for First VR Experience

Your first dive into the world of virtual reality can be overwhelming, but with a little preparation, it can be a great experience.

  1. Provide adequate space: Find an open area where you can move freely and safely without bumping into objects.
  2. Start slowly: Choose simple and calm experiences, such as VR meditation or light games, to get used to the technology.
  3. Break regularly: Take regular breaks from VR to avoid possible fatigue or discomfort.
  4. Adjust the equipment correctly: Make sure the headset fits comfortably and is adjusted correctly for the best visual experience.
  5. Use the controllers to get your bearings: Get to know the controllers and use them effectively to interact with the virtual world.

After the first attempts, you will start to feel more at home in the VR environment.

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ModelQuest 3
Hukommelse128 GB
LydBuilt-in speakers with spatial sound
Opløsning2064 x 2208 resolution per eye