DKK 24,- (Price for first weeks rent)
    DKK 2,- (Price after the first weeks rent, per day )

    With this smart adapter from Mini DP (DisplayPort) to HDMI, you can connect a Mac that does not have an HDMI output to your TV and expand your digital desktop, watch movies or just play games on a bigger screen.


    Rent a Mini display port to HDMI adapterWith this adapter you can connect devices that use mini display port to a device with HDMI. It could, for example, be a flat screen or a projector. You can get an exceptional digital experience using the TV, so you can watch Netflix, HB, Youtube or just have more screen space. The cable adapter looks like Apple's own. It is almost of the same quality and supports sound, so you don't have to think about using an extra cable either. It is easy to use and easy to carry.