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Rent sound equipment

Sound is an important part of the computer experience. You can either watch videos with the little ones, hold online meetings or play different games. Don’t let a lack of good sound get in the way of your experience. Nordic IT Rental can find the right audio equipment for you, which you can rent at a really sharp price. We have headsets, microphones and speakers ready for delivery.
Rent headsets
We have a wide range of beautiful headsets with microphones that are perfect for online gaming. You get a sharp sound from the game while you can easily communicate with the other gamers via the microphone. Some are connected via USB and others with a minijack, so check your computer before you book to ensure that you can use the headset.
We also rent sound equipment for an event
If the experience is to be top notch, you can also rent various audio equipment here on the site. We have, among other things, a Fenton speaker on a stand or a complete set so you can get just the right sound for the lectern or the company Christmas lunch.
The advantage of renting audio equipment
There can be many reasons why you should rent. Often the need for audio equipment is temporary and why investing in new and expensive equipment cannot be answered. By renting it through us, you get service and we make sure that everything is tested and configured when you receive it. We can also deliver it for a fee, so you don’t have to lug it back and forth.