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Rent your iPads today

We offer rental of iPads and tablets for short periods of up to 7 days. The rental price for the cheapest iPads is only DKK 35 per person. day. We have more than 1000 iPads in stock and offer rental of the following Apple iPad models: Apple iPad Mini, iPad Air, iPad Air 2, iPad 2017 and iPad Pro 12.9″.
Rent cheap here
We rent out Apple iPads at the best prices on the market, which is why we offer a price guarantee on all our products. The price guarantee means that we always offer you the same or better price than other providers on the market.

When you rent iPads from Nordic IT Rental, you are guaranteed the highest quality. All iPads come with the latest OSX installed. – A charger is included for all iPads and of course we offer setup and installation of apps. All iPads have a protective cover, and you can choose which cover you want.
Rent a data card for your iPad
All iPads and tablets are fully charged upon receipt. Do you need to be online with the rented tablets? We offer rental of 3G/4G data cards for your iPads. With a data card, you are online no matter where you are in the country. We recommend renting a data card if you need to use the rented iPads outside WiFi range. You can read more about telephone and data card rental here .

If you need to rent many iPads and tablets, we recommend that you contact us on phone 71998904 . That way I can advise you. We are used to delivering iPads for events where up to 800 are used. simultaneously. Therefore, we can offer equipment that is well suited to controlling many iPads at once. Including multi-chargers that can charge more than 60 iPads at a time.

When you rent many iPads, it is nice not to have to spend time on setting up, charging etc. That is why our team is always ready to help you achieve your event.

You are welcome to contact us on tel. 71998904 if you have any questions about renting Apple iPads or tablets. We typically rent out iPads for events, fairs, conferences, team building, presentations, surveys and for checkout systems. We set up software and apps for our customers on a daily basis, where the typical apps can be: Zettle, Surveymonkey, iStopmotion, Microsoft Office, Geoquestor and Shopbox
Easily receive money on your rented iPad or tablet with Zettle
If you need a fast checkout terminal for your event, we recommend Zettle (formerly called iZettle). It is super easy to get started with and has a limited initial cost. Zettle is easy to set up and very intuitive to use.

Easily receive money from your customers via a simple checkout system. We offer all customers to set up Zettle on the rented iPads so that the system is ready to receive money. This way, you as a customer can spend your time on something else. You can read more about Zettle and all the options here.
Get the answers you need with a rented iPad and SurveyMonkey
When you rent one or more iPads from Nordic IT Rental, we can help you install and set up surveys for user surveys. It is easy to set up and you can easily manage your survey without having a great understanding of technology and IT. With Zettle there are many free options, and for little money you can add smart functions that make it easy to collect data and export it.

When you rent an iPad, we offer to install SurveyMonkey for you, but we can also offer to set up your questionnaire. Then you can easily and quickly get your questionnaires done. You can read a lot more about SurveyMonkey here.
Create movies, animations and video clips with iStopmotion
With the program iStopMotion from Boinx, you get endless possibilities to create super cool entertainment. The program is perfect for users who do not have much experience in making creative films and animations.

iStopMotion is one of the most used apps for creating creativity at events and team building. It’s fun for all participants when they each have their own iPads. Then everyone helps to create their own creative posts. When you rent iPads from us, we offer to install iStopMotion so that the app is ready to use upon receipt. iStopMotion can be easily edited on the rented iPads. It can also be easily transferred to an iCloud account, so you can edit your videos further.

iStopMotion can be used both as a beginner’s program for beginners. Also for experienced users who want to make a creative animation video for more professional use. You can read more about iStopMotion here.
Perfect app for team building with Geoquestor
GeoQuestor is a fun and functional app for iPhone and iPads. It creatively combines new technology with “edutainment”. Tourist information and traditional out-door activities such as geocaching, O-runs, city walks, treasure hunts and much more. With a geoQuestor solution, you get a new way to convey experiences, learning and information to your guests, customers, students or others.

A geoQuestor consists of a series of tasks or information that are virtually located in an area. Here, the participants must move around to receive the built-in tasks or information. The participants are guided to the tasks via the app’s compass and direction indicator.

With geoQuestor, you now have the opportunity to organize races, city walks, sightseeing etc., which can be carried out completely without the use of staff resources. We offer Geoquestor setup when you rent iPads through us. You can read much more about Geoquestor here.
Which iPad model should you choose to rent?
We get the question daily, “Which iPad should we rent for our event?” It is often difficult to answer without knowing a little more about what the rented iPads will be used for. It is both about which app is to be used and what is required of the app. Does the rented iPad need to be connected to the Internet and is Wi-Fi available where it is used?

Some apps require more power than others, which is why we really want to talk to you about the purpose and use of the rented iPads. That way, we can best find the iPad that suits your event.
Rent accessories with
There is also a sea of accessories for the rented iPads. Including iPad stands, iPad covers, iPad chargers, iPad table stands.

When choosing an iPad, you must also consider the size of the rented iPads. We offer both rental of the iPad Mini, which has a small 7.9″ screen, to the more commonly used model with a 9.7″ screen. As the latest addition, we offer rental of the iPad Pro 12.9″, which is the largest iPad tablet on the market.