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Rental of color printers and multifunction printers

If you want to rent a printer that suits your needs, we offer rental of printers for a shorter period. We have many different types of laser and color printers in stock, which can be quickly delivered to you or your company. You can rent printers that can print via USB, wireless network. The printer you receive is delivered incl. a number of prints that vary from model to model. This means that when you rent a printer, a certain number of prints is included in the price and if you exceed the number, you then pay per print. It is also possible to agree a fixed price if you need to print many prints.
Rent printers from well-known brands
We stock many well-known brands, such as Epson and Brother, which are known for their excellent print quality. You are guaranteed a good quality rental printer with us and we make sure that all our equipment is ready for use when you receive it.
Why short-term rental can pay off
If you as a company need to use printers for a shorter period, we are experts in short-term rental. You can rent from as little as one week and up to 365 days or more. After one week’s rent, the price drops per day, which is why it may well be worth renting for a longer period.
It’s easy when you rent from us
The printers are easy to install, but you can also order us to deliver and install the printers. That way, everything is ready to go and you can print without having to worry about technical challenges.

If you need to rent an A3 printer that can print in larger formats, we can also offer that. Check out our selection. We have several good models in stock. You are very welcome to contact us if you have any questions about renting printers.

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