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Rent the largest iPad

iPad has always been the ultimate Multi-Touch experience. And the redesigned Retina display on the iPad Pro sets a whole new standard. Not only does it have higher brightness and less glare. With the ProMotion technology, it also has a much faster reaction time. So whether you’re scrolling through web pages in Safari or playing an intense 3D game, everything runs so incredibly smoothly and quickly that you’re sure to be swept away. The new Retina display on the iPad Pro gives you ProMotion technology, which supports a refresh rate of 120 Hz. This means that movies and videos look fantastic and that games slide smoothly and easily. Funny how speed suddenly turns into a beautiful thing. And no matter how you use the Retina display, with your fingers or the Apple Pencil, everything will feel faster and more responsive.
When you rent an iPad, you are guaranteed the ultimate experience
When renting the new iPad Pro 12.9″, a protective cover is automatically included in the price. If you want us to configure your rented iPads, you are welcome to contact us and hear more. The 12.9″ iPad Pro is packed with power and options , and thanks to the A10X chip, it has more power than most laptops. The Retina screen gives you an even more immersive experience, where everything is faster and more fluid when you scroll and swipe. Combined with Apple Pencil, Smart Keyboard, a 12 MP camera, a 7 MP FaceTime HD camera, up to 10 hours of battery life, Wi-Fi, 4G LTE, 4 Touch ID. And with iOS, the world’s most advanced mobile operating system, the iPad Pro 12.9″ is perfect for the more demanding user.
When you rent from us
With us as your landlord, you are guaranteed an iPad that is ready for use upon receipt. You are welcome to install apps yourself and save video and images on it. We will delete content upon return. We recommend that you save your content on your iCloud account, so that you can access it on other devices after the end of the rental.

When you rent an iPad Pro, it is delivered in a smart silicone cover or in a cover with the option to rotate it. The cover protects against knocks and scratches. The silicone cover provides a very good grip, and is therefore a good choice if you need to use the iPad on the go or for outdoor activities.
Rent stands with
We also offer rental of many other equipment for iPads. Eg. floor stands, table stands, cables and much more. With a floor stand, you can mount the iPad in a stand that can be locked. We advise and help with setting up iPads, as there are many smart settings that can make your rental easier and smarter.

You are always welcome to contact our sales department on tel. 71998904 and find out more about what we can offer. The prices are indicated per week e.g. VAT and delivery.