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Access the mobile network.

‘When renting an Apple iPad or Apple iPhone, we also offer the option of renting telephone and data cards. You pay a low fixed amount and receive a phone or data card that works for 7 days. You have the option to “Think” more voice or data if needed. Our talk time cards contain varying hours of talk time and data usage. There is therefore no binding or creation and the card expires automatically after 7 days, unless you extend the period.
Rent in connection with an event
Mobile data cards and voice time cards are perfect if you have a short-term event where you need a phone with voice and data options. An obvious option if you are without an internet connection, or have a temporary need to be able to talk.
What types can you rent
Our best-selling data card has the following option: DKK 0 in creation DKK 0/month. You pay DKK 200 for 50GB of free data. Download speed approx. 17 – 71 Mbit Upload speed approx. 5 – 43 Mbit Your data SIM card works for 7 days, after which it can be extended by several days if you wish. FYI: 50 GB of data is far more than what an average family uses of data in a month.

You are welcome to call our sales department to find out more about renting iPads, iPhones and telephone/data cards here. We can certainly find a solution that meets your needs. We also have the option of tailoring a solution if you need to use the equipment abroad and need telephone and data cards.