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Rent a desktop PC

If you want to rent one or more desktop computers, we can offer a cheap and flexible rental. There are many advantages to renting your IT equipment. At Nordic IT Rental, we can deliver everything from simple PCs to powerful desktop computers that can be used for games and graphic tasks. All our rental computers are basically delivered with Microsoft Windows 10 installed and are ready for use upon receipt.

We also offer service throughout, so that the use of the equipment runs smoothly. If you need the Microsoft Office package or other software, we can also help you install and prepare this according to your needs. ‘

We have computers for most things – also for games and more advanced graphic tasks. We can easily tailor a solution to suit your needs. If your company is thinking of gathering colleagues for a fun gaming event, we can help you find and configure the right machines, for the delivery and setup of VR (virtual reality) equipment, with a desktop that can run it.
Advantages of renting
There can be many good reasons for renting your desktop computer. There may be a need to rent equipment in connection with an event, a conference or a temporary workplace. By renting a desktop, you avoid having to pay a large down payment or finance computers and accessories.

Short-term rental of IT equipment with us is a flexible solution, as your needs for what a computer should be able to do can change over time. In this way, you are not obligated and after 7 days of rental will only pay for the time you rent the equipment, with a fixed low daily price. It is also an advantage if your budget is tight, as you can be doing an internship or receive SU in connection with an education course.
Install the system yourself on the rented computer
When renting one or more computers, you can rent them for up to 7 days. If you wish to install your own system, you are more than welcome to do so. We have no requirements for what can and must be installed on the computer.

We can deliver from day to day in Zealand and within a few days in Jutland. Naturally, we also supply monitors, keyboards and mice for the desktop computers.

We have, among other things, the popular and versatile Lenovo Thinkcentre M73 in stock, which can be used for most things or the fast HP Elitedesk 800 G1 which solves the most demanding office tasks. Both can be rented for NOK 30 per person. day after the first week’s rent.
We are experts in short-term letting
As an IT rental company, we have good experience in being able to prepare and set up many desktop computers, for example at major conferences. We can also easily prepare computers and accessories for a gaming event. We set up the equipment and make sure everything works.

With us as your supplier of IT equipment, you are guaranteed a lot of laptops ready for your event. We can also specially adapt the configuration so that the computer matches your exact wishes. Call our sales department on 71998904 if you have questions about renting desktop computers and PCs.