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Where can I rent a laptop?

At Nordic IT Rental you can rent a laptop at a low price. We have many models in stock, all of which are delivered prepared and with the configuration you want. You can choose between models from Apple, Lenovo, Dell and HP.
Rent a laptop
Rent one or more laptops for a shorter or longer period. We offer rental of a wide range of models. We have many different brands in stock. We can offer both the rental of computers with Windows or Macs from Apple. Including the lightning-fast MacBook Pro . When you rent from us, you save both time and money. Should a temporary need for a computer arise, Nordic IT Rental undoubtedly has some equipment you can rent that will be able to handle the job.
500 laptops ready to rent
If you are about to hold an event or organize another major event, we can help with computers. We offer a full-service service where we prepare the rented laptops according to your wishes. We provide installation and setup of everything from languages to programs and other unique settings that you may wish for. We carry out tests of the system to make sure that everything works as it should.

We also offer delivery throughout Europe and can deliver in Scandinavia within a few days. Rent a laptop from us and we will take care of set-up, take-down and service during your event, if there is a need for it. As a landlord, we want to be with you every step of the way. We attach great importance to you as a customer getting the most out of the equipment that is rented. We have many years of experience in the field and ensure that the equipment meets your needs.
We have a large selection
Above you can see some of the common models we offer for hire. We can tailor a solution to suit your specific needs and install it with the software you want. If you rent computers from us, they are delivered with Microsoft Windows 10 as standard. You can easily and simply have them delivered with the Microsoft Office package or other software according to your needs. It is possible to rent a laptop for up to 7 days. We can offer delivery from day to day in Zealand and within a few days in Jutland.

if you want to rent more than +50 laptops, it would be a good idea to book them at least a week before you need them. And should you need to rent a machine with a powerful graphics card, we can also offer that. If you need accessories for your laptop, you can also easily rent them here on our website. We have, among other things, a good mouse from HP, a wireless lock, and a 4g wireless modem from Huawei . Take a look at our accessories page and find what you’re looking for. You can rent it from 7-24 weeks, in the same way as with a laptop.
Gamer PC rental
If you need one or more PCs for gaming, we also have that in stock. We rent out both laptops and desktop computers for gaming, which can handle all kinds of games. We can also offer computer hire for LAN or Gaming events. We have previously had great success with this type of rental and we are happy to help you find a solution that can make your event play to the max. On our page with accessories you will find e.g. keyboard, mouse and monitors. On the computer, you can easily log in to your own Steam account, so you can use your own personal games.
Fast delivery and ready to use
We deliver the equipment installed and ready for use with Microsoft Windows 10. If you want another system or other software installed on the rented laptop, that is also possible. All of our rental laptops can be used for office use, and other models are better suited for gaming and virtual reality. We offer delivery of the rented laptops everywhere in Denmark and Scandinavia.

When you rent a laptop, you can choose which language you want installed. The most common choice is Danish or English. All computers are delivered incl. charger and a charged battery, ready to use. Do you want to rent a laptop with different specifications than those you find in our product catalogue. is that also possible. We can provide virtually all models.
We are experts in short-term letting
As an IT rental company, we have good experience in being able to prepare and set up many laptops, for example at major conferences. We can also easily prepare computers and accessories for a gaming event. We set up all the equipment and make sure everything plays. With us as your lessor of IT equipment, you are guaranteed a lot of laptops ready for use. We can also specially adapt the configuration so that the computers match your exact wishes. “You must never go down on equipment”, is a colloquialism that we take seriously.
Contact us today
You are always welcome to contact our sales department on tel. 71998904 and find out more about the possibility of renting one or more laptops. We have more than 1000 in stock, ready to meet your needs.