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Rent a 4G modem from DKK 200

We offer rental of network equipment. Among other things, you can rent switches and other WiFi equipment. We have everything from 8 port to 48 port switches.
We have short-term rentals
If the need to rent wireless network solutions is temporary, short-term rental can clearly be the answer. Here you pay a price for one week and the following days are charged at a fixed low price. It may be that your company has to set up a temporary workstation or has guests from abroad who must be able to be online. Renting our network solutions will easily pay off here.
We rent out data cards
Rent a mobile voice and data SIM card with 4G and pay just NOK 200. You get 10 hours of voice and 20 GB of data. Below you can see approx. data consumption per day for the following use:

Surf the web and email: 0.20 GB
Streaming music etc.: 1 GB
Streaming of movies etc.: 2-5 GB

When you rent a voice and data card through Nordic IT Rental, you get a SIM card with 10 hours of voice and 20GB of data for DKK 200. When there is no more data on the card, it can be topped up. The card expires automatically after 8 days.
Which network types do we rent out?
We rent out everything from pocket modems to 4g routers and 48 port switches. You are guaranteed to be able to get online with our solutions and you can choose how much data you need, as you can rent data cards alongside.

Call our sales department on tel. 71998904 and find out more about what we can offer within network equipment for hire.