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Rent a Smartphone

We have a large selection of smartphones in stock, which you can easily rent here on our website. We have a large selection of Apple iPhones, which are the most widely used on the market. Apple announced the first model on January 9, 2007. Since then, it has become the standard telephone today. Since then, another provider has entered the market, namely the Android system, of which Samsung is probably the best-known manufacturer.
Advantages of renting
If you have a temporary need for a smartphone, you can easily rent one through us. You can rent one or more smartphones from manufacturers known for quality. By renting an Apple iPhone, you are guaranteed a nice and stable phone, where you can easily customize your home screen with Android. The phones are delivered incl. cover, charger and protective glass. A smart power bank is also included, which contains enough battery for two full charges. You can rent smartphones for up to 7 days. After the 7 days, you only pay rent per day you use the phone. We offer to deliver smartphones with SIM cards, so you are ready to talk and use data when you receive them. You do not commit to a subscription, but only pay a low fixed price for 7 days of use.
We are experts in short-term letting
With a smartphone at hand, you have a small mobile computer that will be able to solve a multitude of digital tasks. You can easily write text messages via the large digital display, use a multitude of apps such as Mail, Mobile Banking or take pictures via the camera. In addition, you will be able to easily share your videos and photos on social media such as Facebook or Instagram .
Why you should rent your smartphone
By renting a smartphone from us, be it Apple or Android, you will be able to be digitally connected to the outside world, for a low monthly rental price. Don’t be put off by the high prices of smartphones. You can find an easy and economical solution by renting your smartphone through us. Smartphones are something that everyone in today’s Denmark uses, so contact us on tel. 71998904 if you want to rent one.