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Rent a TV or big screen

We offer rental of TVs and flat screens in sizes 40″ to 85″. All our rental screens can be supplied with a stand, stand, wall or ceiling suspension. When you rent a flat screen from us, power cables and remote control are included. If you need a screen for a fair or event, it can be a good idea to rent it, as you save both time and money that way. When you rent a TV, you have the option of having it delivered right to your door. At the same time, we offer to mount the rented screen or set it up according to your wishes.
Screen rental for sports events
As all our flat screens have TV tuners, they are ready to show national matches or other sporting events. If you need more sound than the screen’s speakers can deliver, you have the option of renting speakers that can easily be connected to the screen. The screens are also obvious to use for information stands at fairs and conferences.

All rental screens have HDMI inputs and can thus receive signals from computers, playstations etc. Easy connection of external devices. If you need to send a signal to the screen from, for example, an Apple iPad or iPhone, we can help connect an Apple TV, which you can also rent. Then the streaming of your signal will be carried out easily and simply. DSu can also rent plugs and cables that allow you to connect Apple devices directly to the TV. This ensures a stable signal around Wi-Fi devices.
Rental of stands and hangers
Regardless of whether you want to put the rented TV on a table, a wall or on a stand, you can rent the accessories you need. The most popular product for large screens is a stand that can be adjusted up and down. A floor stand is an advantage, as it can be adjusted up in height. So if there are many people who have to watch the screen, then everyone has a good view. If you need to have a screen mounted several meters above the ground, we can recommend that you get a ceiling-hung bracket delivered, so that the screen can be easily mounted down from the ceiling. The screen hangs from a telescopic rod, which can be adjusted up and down.

A remote control is included when you rent a TV from us, and you can also download an APP for the TV that allows you to control the screen from a very long distance. As long as the screen and the APP device are connected to the same Wi-Fi.

“Should I choose a screen or a projector”? A question we often get from our customers. The short answer is that it depends on what is to be displayed on the screen. If it is showing a football match or other sporting activity, we will often recommend a TV screen, whereas if presentations such as PowerPoint are to be shown, it may be better to show it on a projector. Of course, the choice also depends a lot on the incident light. The projector is best in dimly lit environments.
We offer delivery and set-up when you rent from us
When you rent a flat screen from Nordic IT Rental ApS, you have the option of having it delivered and set up exactly as it suits you. Regardless of whether you need 1 or 30, we are ready to find the solution that suits you.

You are always welcome to call us and get advice and guidance regarding the choice of screen and accessories.

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