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Racing simulator

Rent a racing simulator and get the experience of sitting in a real car and feel the resistance in the steering wheel. The simulator is perfect for company events, events and other events that can bring people together for a fun experience.
Below you can see which games are supported by the simulator. You are also welcome to call us to inquire about the possibilities for using the simulator or associated software/games.
Good entertainment for sure
The simulator is really good entertainment and can be used to make individual or team competitions.
It is advantageous to rent 2 simulators so that the participants can race against each other at the same time.
If desired, the experience can be combined with VR (Virtual Reality).
The package contains everything you need.
Racing simulator contains:
1 pc Racing simulator cockpit
1 piece. Logitech G923 Driving Force steering wheel and pedals
1 piece. Platinum Gaming PC or PS4

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