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Rent accessories for your iPad

We rent out everything from stands, headsets, chargers, data cards and much more. If you need accessories that you cannot find on this page, you are always welcome to contact us on tel. 71998904. You can, for example, rent an iPad with an associated data card with 50GB of data. It is also possible to rent an iPhone with a corresponding SIM card, with 10 hours of talk time and 20GB of data. Rent a stand for iPads. We rent out both floor stands and table stands, which will be practical for use at a conference, workshop or in teaching. We have stands for all types of iPads, both table and floor stands. And if you need a bluetooth keyboard for the rented iPads, Nordic IT Rental can also help with that.
It’s easy to rent with us
At Nordic IT Rental, we want to make it easy to rent the equipment you need. The good thing about renting equipment for your iPhone or iPad through us is that you do not commit to a longer period. You can rent your equipment from 7 days to 12-24 months, or as long as you want. Our most important mission is to give used iPhone and iPad accessories life again and thus value to companies, who can then rent them from us. We see this as a win-win for all parties.
Why should you rent accessories?
There can be many reasons to rent accessories for your iPad from us. You often only need the accessories for a shorter period of time, which is why renting is both practical and financially sensible. But can quickly get a lot of accessories together, which you don’t get to use more than a few times. It is neither good for the environment nor the wallet.
Rental of accessories for events and events
If you are holding an event, it can also be smart to rent accessories. For iPads, you will be able to rent floor stands , so that you can have the various iPads standing. Practical if they are now to be used to cast votes, check-in or pay. You can also rent an external microphone if, for example, you need to record sound in an improved quality, record podcasts or for karaoke games on your iPad.