DKK 400,- (Price for first weeks rent)
    DKK 25,- (Price after the first weeks rent, per day )

    Rent a floor stand for the Apple iPad Pro 12.9". When renting a gold stand, you have the option of mounting iPads for use at a comfortable height. Renting an iPad stand can be a good idea if you need to use the iPad for surveys (user surveys) etc.


    Rent a floor stand for iPad 12.9"A floor stand for iPad Pro 12.9" completes the user experience with an iPad. This iPad stand is suitable for use in public environments where an iPad is used as an information carrier or for payment solutions. The possibilities are many. This iPad floor stand is between 65 and 110 cm tall and stands on a steel plate. The steel plate can be screwed into the floor for increased safety. The iPad is mounted in the iPad stand, which is locked with a key.Another advantage of renting a floor stand for the iPad is that it is locked and thus better secured. On several of our models, it is possible to screw the stand to the floor via holes in the foot.The charging cable can easily be routed through the stand, so it is possible to charge the iPad while in use. The head of the stand can turn both horizontally and vertically. The head of the stand can be freely adjusted 0-90 (+/-) degrees.Lowest level is 65 cm and highest is 110 cm.If you have questions about which stand is best for your event, please call 71998904. Our service desk is ready to answer questions about renting iPads and accessories for iPads.If you want to rent an iPad Pro 12.9", click here to see our products.