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Rent a projector and screen

You have the option of renting a projector and screen from us from day to day. Our minimum period is 7 days. Our projectors are suitable for viewing on a screen. All our projectors can be connected to most devices via HDMI connectors.
Large selection for rental
We have several different projectors for rent. We have the regular projectors, which must be placed far away from the screen, as well as the more modern short throw up projectors, which can be placed close to the wall or a screen. These are suitable if space is limited.
Perfect for short-term rental
It is obvious to rent a projector on a short-term basis, as the need is often not sustainable in the long term. It may be that you have to show presentations or video at meetings or conferences, where a projector would be obvious to use.
Rent a screen for your projector
You can also rent a screen for it, so you get the best background to present the image from a projector. We have a practical canvas of 200×200 cm, which comes in a practical bag. It is easy to set up and does not take up much space when packed.

Contact our sales department on tel. 71998904 if you have questions about connection or other support for projectors.