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Rent a MacBook Pro laptop

At Nordic IT Rental, we offer the rental of several different types of Apple laptops. Rent a laptop from Apple from 7 days or for a longer period. All devices come with a minimum of OS X Catalina installed. We also offer to pre-install software such as Microsoft Office, video player etc. on the equipment. When you order a laptop for rent, we can easily change the setup and language to suit your needs. It does not cost extra.

We offer both the smaller office edition MacBook Air, which is thin and does not weigh much. At the very other end of the scale, we have e.g. the very powerful MacBook Pro 13″ with Apple’s new fast M1 chip for rent.
Rent with M1 chip
The new M1 processor was developed by Apple itself and the starting point is to give the user an experience where the equipment starts quickly and at the same time can easily run more demanding programs such as Adobe Photoshop, Premier Pro etc. We recommend renting products with an M1 processor if you really need a lot of power. Whether you need to rent a regular account laptop from Apple or need to rent a more powerful Apple laptop, we recommend that you contact our sales department so that together we can find the product that matches your needs.

We offer advice on all Apple products and can certainly also help you find the right Apple product for you.
Use the rented equipment as you wish
When you rent an Apple product from Nordic IT Rental, there are no restrictions on what you can install on a rented Mac laptop. There is therefore no administrator lock on the system and you as a customer have free hands to install what you want on the rented equipment.
How the rented equipment is delivered
When you rent a portable Apple product, it is typically delivered installed and ready for use with the latest OS X. When ordering, you can choose which language you want installed, but as a starting point it is in Danish. For only DKK. 200,- you can choose to have a Microsoft Office package installed, which includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint etc. It is free to install add-on programs such as Adobe PDF reader or VLC multimedia player. The rented computer is delivered in a plastic protective cover or in a laptop bag incl. charger, ready to use.

Common to all rental products from Apple is that they are delivered with a lightning-fast Flash or SSD disk. It guarantees that you achieve the best speed. Various graphics cards are installed in the rental computers we have in stock. We therefore recommend that you contact our sales department. In this way, you are assured that you will rent a computer that matches your needs when it comes to running programs that require high performance.
Can I rent more than one product at a time?
As a company, you can easily rent more than one product at a time. You can rent exactly the number of laptops you need. If you need to rent a larger number of Apple laptops, we recommend that you contact us in good time so that you are sure that we can deliver the products.
How to order a rented laptop from Apple
When you have found the Apple product you want to rent, you can order it directly on our website or write to our sales department at You can then state which product you wish to rent, as well as the rental period, and then we will send a rental agreement for approval. Once you have approved the rental agreement, an invoice will be sent for payment. When the invoice has been paid, you can pick up the rented Apple laptop or have it delivered.
Rental of accessories for MacBook Pro computers
We offer rental of accessories for portable MacBook Pro devices. Regardless of whether you need a nice 4K external monitor or keyboard and mouse, we can help you. We have a very large selection of accessories for hire. If you have a specific need, you are welcome to call our sales department on tel. 71998904 for further questions.