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Experts in short-term rental of IT equipment.

Rent your IT equipment from us

If your company needs to rent IT equipment for a shorter or longer period, let us help you. We rent out almost all kinds of IT products, and what we don’t have in stock, we usually bring home in a very short time.

We rent equipment for up to 1 day, but you are also welcome to rent it for 1 year if you need it.

We are specialists in the rental of IT equipment for fairs, festivals, customer events, presentations, seminars, teaching and much more.

What can you rent?

We are a full-service supplier when it comes to IT products, and roughly speaking, we can offer most things.

Our primary products are business equipment such as: portable and desktop computers, iPads, Macbook Pro and iMac. We also have a large selection of accessories that complete our customers’ experience when renting IT equipment.

It is also possible to hire our skilled technicians to help you with setup and execution. We own the majority of the equipment ourselves and therefore have it in stock and can deliver from day to day.

Short or long-term rental?

Most customers rent computers for a very short period, up to a few days, but we also offer computer rentals for a longer period.

As we are one of the only landlords in Denmark that offers IT equipment rental, without long commitment periods, you can save a lot of money by using us for rental for 12 to 24 months.

We are very flexible and offer our customers to extend the rental period if needed. In short, you decide for yourself how long you want to use the rented equipment.
We rent out everything from laptops, iPads, computers and much more.

How to start renting!

You can easily book your IT equipment via our website. You choose the equipment you need, choose a rental period and finally choose how the equipment is to be delivered – easy and simple.

However, we really want to talk to our customers – that’s why we prefer that you call us and have a chat about the products you want to rent.
We have several years of experience with letting and therefore we often have a few good tips that are useful for our customers.

6 good reasons to rent

* Price guarantee means that we always match or provide a better offer 
if our customers can document another offer.
It is a requirement that the item is available in stock at another supplier in question.
The item must be identical or similar.

Hire a technician

We often get inquiries as to whether we have a “nerd in the house” who can help with installation and set-up of equipment. We have several technicians employed who have competences in several different areas. This applies to both installation, execution and support for users during an execution.

You are always welcome to contact us and have a chat about the possibility of getting onsite technical support.

Let us take over your challenges

We have many years of experience in renting laptops and other IT equipment, and therefore we would very much like to help you with any challenges you may have.

If your workplace is affected by a breakdown, forced repatriation or the like and you therefore need to work from home, you can rent a computer and whatever else you may need from us. We stock most IT equipment in large numbers and can therefore quickly help you set up a sensible and well-functioning home office that you can use for shorter or longer periods. Whether you are into Mac or PC, we can easily help you. Working at home doesn’t have to be inefficient as long as the tools are in order. If you need more than just a laptop for your home workplace, please contact us. We rent everything in accessories: monitors, printers, routers etc. and we are happy to make an offer for a complete package that covers your needs. You can write to us via the contact form below.

If you need help setting up an event, you can benefit from our expertise in the field. Our advice is of course free, and you can save many working hours and money by talking to us before you rent. Some of the areas we advise on are often: Internet access when executing events, installation of Apps, deployment and handling of multiple devices, requirements for equipment and specifications. We are very likely to have experience with the challenge you must have.

Support and service from start to finish

Support and service from start to finish.
We are only guaranteed satisfied customers when the equipment has been returned, reset and back in our warehouse.
That is why we make a point of helping our customers before, during and after a rental period.

The rented equipment always comes installed ready for use with the latest systems. We install free systems, apps and programs according to the customer’s wishes. As a customer, you only pay for the programs that cost money, e.g. Microsoft Office.

If a challenge arises with the equipment or its use, you can always get hold of us, even at the weekend or after the sun has set.
We know that it is essential that all equipment works 100%. That is why we are always happy to advise and guide you on the use of our equipment.

Let's talk about the options for renting

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