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Rental of Gamer PC and Virtual Reality equipment

If you need to rent one or more gaming computers, Nordic IT Rental can certainly help you. We have a large stock of rental computers that are perfect for games and Virtual Reality. Our computers are constantly being upgraded so that they fit the games that are on the market now. When you rent a gaming computer, you also have the option of having it tailored to suit your exact needs. We offer rental of complete Gamer PC solutions where we deliver everything from Gamer PC to monitor, mouse, keyboard, mouse pad and chairs.

Rent Gaming PC package

We have experience in organizing larger Gaming events where more than 50 complete gaming computers are needed. When you rent a Gamer PC from Nordic IT Rental, we offer support in setting up the machines, installing the system, games, etc. You can also choose to only rent the gamer equipment, and then be responsible for setting up and installation yourself. E-sports and gaming are here to stay, and more and more people want to try their hand at Gaming culture.

Years ago, gaming was primarily a world for nerdy enthusiasts who spent all their savings on the latest and most expensive PC equipment. That time is long gone and today E-sports has become a very integral part of the new entertainment world. E-sports have long been predicted to become a money machine that will rival both Formula 1 and league football. For the same reason, some of the world’s best E-gaming teams are today listed companies and the number of professional gaming teams is increasing. Several larger companies establish their own teams in which enormous amounts of money are invested. In Denmark, we can be proud of Astralis, as one of the world’s leading e-sports teams.

Rental for e-sport events

At Nordic IT Rental, we give companies the opportunity to get a taste of the world of e-sports. Whether you want to rent one or more gaming computers, we can help from start to finish. We advise on the choice of computer and choice of games in relation to events etc. We offer installation, setup and guidance in the various games. We find that many customers who try the gaming world, subsequently have a completely different approach to e-sports.

Create your own eSports team for a day and try your hand at CS:GO (Counter Strike). We offer to create the framework for the perfect company event, where the guests can be divided into teams and try their hand at games and equipment that measure up to what the professional e-sports stars use. We can deliver everything from PCs, monitors, keyboards, mice, headsets and chairs.

We rent game consoles

We also offer rental of simpler setups such as rental of PlayStation 4 or 5. PlayStation is the easy solution that is easy to set up and configure. You can easily organize an entire football tournament, where 8 players can play at the same time. There is also the option of playing car games via our racing simulator, which includes a steering wheel and pedals to make the experience more realistic. We also rent out large TV which is necessary for the gaming experience.

If you would like to know more about what we can offer within the rental of gaming and e-sports products, you are very welcome to contact us on tel. 71998904. At Nordic IT Rental, we naturally help you find the product that matches your event and purpose. Find inspiration for gaming events via our news here.