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  • 1920x1080...
DKK 700,- (Price for first weeks rent)
DKK 44,- (Price after the first weeks rent, per day )

Rent a professional gaming monitor from AOC. The screen is 27" and has a refresh rate of 0.5 ms and a whopping 240 Hz. The screen is Full HD and is suitable for the more demanding user who does not want to compromise on quality. The necessary connection cables are included.


Rent an AOC C27G2 monitor with 240 Hz

An AOC C27G2ZU is a gaming monitor with a lot of exciting features and specifications. This monitor is designed to deliver an optimal gaming experience with high image quality and fast response time.

One of the most notable features of the AOC C27G2ZU is its 27-inch screen size. This size provides a wide viewing angle and plenty of room to enjoy games and multimedia content. The screen also has a curved shape, which creates a more immersive visual experience.

The picture quality of the AOC C27G2ZU is impressive. The screen has a full HD resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels, which provides sharp and detailed images. It also has a high refresh rate of 240 Hz, which ensures a smooth and fluid gaming experience without lags or stutters.

Another important specification of the AOC C27G2ZU is its response time of just 0.5ms. This means that the screen can respond extremely quickly to input from the player, which is crucial in competitive games where every millisecond counts. The fast response time ensures that there is no delay between the player's actions and the screen's response.

The AOC C27G2ZU also features Adaptive Sync technology, which ensures that the screen's refresh rate is synchronized with the graphics card's output. This eliminates screen tearing and stuttering, resulting in a more comfortable and fluid gaming experience.

The design of the screen is also worth mentioning. It has a slim frame and a stylish look that fits well with any gamer setup. There is also the possibility to adjust the height, tilt angle and swivel angle of the screen to find the most comfortable viewing position.

To enhance the user experience, AOC C27G2ZU also has built-in speakers, so users don't need to use external speakers or headsets for sound reproduction. The screen also has a built-in blue light filter that reduces eye strain and fatigue during longer gaming sessions.

All in all, the AOC C27G2ZU is an impressive gaming monitor that delivers a high image quality, fast response time and many user-friendly features. It is ideal for serious gamers who want the best possible gaming experience.

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Indput stik2 x HDMI 1 x DisplayPort 4 x USB 3.5 mm mini-jack for headphones
Kontrastforhold3000:1 contrast ratio
Opdateringshastighed240 Hz
Responstid0.5 ms.
Skærm typeCurved LED panel