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Rent accessories for your IT equipment

If you need accessories for the IT equipment you have rented from us, you can find a good selection on the site. Avoid having to go out and invest in accessories that will only be used for a short period of time. We have several hundred product lines in stock, which you can easily rent through Nordic IT Rental. We have, among other things, products such as data and voice time cards, monitors, keyboard and mouse, sound, printers, various plugs and adapters in stock.
It pays to rent accessories
By renting, you are only liable for the period in which you need to use the accessory. For example, if you rent a computer, you can also rent accessories such as a mouse, keyboard and monitor. Then you get a complete package and can return it all at the end of the rental period. It is easy and straightforward and you are only liable for the period you rent the accessory. We have transparent prices with no hidden fees. It is especially useful for companies where the need to rent IT accessories may arise.
Rent cables and adapters for your IT equipment
We have a large selection of various cables and adapters that you can also easily rent. Things that you don’t necessarily have lying around can be rented with advantage via our website. When renting large quantities of IT equipment such as computers, PCs or flat screens, they often have to be connected together. Computers may need to use docking stations or LAN cables and flat screens can be linked together to form a single large screen. We have experience in setting up large amounts of IT equipment and can help find the accessories that get everything connected.
We rent accessories for streaming
If you haven’t jumped on the streaming bandwagon, you can still catch up. We have accessories such as Google Chromecast and Apple TV in stock. If you connect them to your TV, you can cast everything to your screen. You can, for example, download the DR TV app, find a live broadcast or an old broadcast and then cast it to your TV. It is the future of digital television.

Many have also ditched normal cable TV and exclusively use streaming to watch TV. With Apple TV, you can also explore their universe and watch things on demand or rent movies.

If you need to rent accessories, make a booking on this page or contact us on tel. 71998904 . Then find a solution that suits you.