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    DKK 50,- (Price after the first weeks rent, per day )

    Rent a shredder that can shred up to 25 papers at a time / 1 plastic card / 1 CD. The shredder can be used for paper with a maximum width of 220 mm. The shredder cuts the paper into cross cut / strip staple pieces, so it is suitable for shredding papers with sensitive information.


    Rent a shredder.

    Rent Shredder with the option to shred 25 sheets of paper / 1 CD / 1 plastic card at a time. Shredder Cross Cut Omega uses a special technology to cut paper and documents into small pieces. This technology is also called cross cut, as it cuts the paper crosswise and lengthwise. This results in the documents being cut into small squares that are almost impossible to reassemble. Therefore, shredder cross cut omega is a very safe way to destroy confidential documents. This type of shredder is particularly popular in companies and organizations where there is a great need to protect confidential information from misuse and theft. Shredder cross cut omega is an effective and reliable way to protect sensitive information and keep it away from unauthorized persons.

    What are the advantages of using the shredder cross cut omega?

    Shredder cross cut Omega is a device that can offer you a number of advantages in connection with shredding different types of papers and documents. Here are some of the biggest benefits of using this type of shredder:

    1. Security: Shredder cross cut Omega is designed to cut papers into small squares or rectangles, making it harder for unauthorized people to access confidential information.

    2. Efficiency: This type of shredder is capable of shredding large amounts of paper in a short time, making it an efficient way to deal with large amounts of paper waste.

    3. Easy operation: Shredder cross cut Omega is easy to operate and does not require much maintenance, so you can use it without having to spend time or energy learning how it works.

    4. Environmentally friendly: By shredding papers, you can reduce the total volume of waste and make your office more environmentally friendly. Shredder cross cut Omega is also designed to be energy-saving,

    Beholder28 liters
    Papir max. antal sider25 sheets
    Papir max. bredde220mm
    Vægt21 Kg