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DKK 200,- (Price for first weeks rent)
DKK 13,- (Price after the first weeks rent, per day )

Rent a 4G Modem and be online on up to 10 devices simultaneously - also outdoors. The modem can be recommended if you need to be online outdoors. The modem is no bigger than it fits in a pocket. The 4G modem works as a regular Wi-Fi connection point, but with a 4G data card fitted, a connection to the internet is created. It is possible to rent a 4G Modem incl. a data card. We offer different data packages. The smallest packages start at 2 GB, if you need more data we can easily "top up" the data. You are welcome to contact us if you have any questions about modems or data packages. You can call 71998904


Rent 4G Modem and share internet access with up to 10 devices simultaneously, 2000 mAh battery for 8 hours of use. TP-Link 4G LTE Mobile Wi-Fi M7200 supports the latest generation 4G FDD / TDD-LTE, which is compatible with the network in most countries and regions. The modem can be controlled with the tpMiFi app. If you need to rent a data card for your pocket modem, you can see our prices for data cards here.Below you can see expected data usage: 2 GB: E-mail, Internet surfing 5 GB: E-mail, internet surfing, video clips 20 GB: Streaming, music etc. 100 GB: Streaming, music, uploading and downloading files etc.

Porte4-port switch (integrated)
StørrelseDimensions (W x D x H): 19 cm x 11.15 cm x 2.35 cm
Type4G Router - wireless mobile modem
Vægt0.5 KG