• Intel...
  • 8
  • 240
  • 14.1"...
  • 1920
DKK 600,- (Price for first weeks rent)
DKK 38,- (Price after the first weeks rent, per day )

Rent a powerful Lenovo T460s laptop with i5 CPU, 8 GB RAM and 240 GB SSD. Classic sensible business laptop from Lenovo that can handle the most common tasks. The computer is slim and weighs no more than 1.3 kg. The computer is delivered installed and ready for use with Windows 10.


When you rent a Lenovo T460s laptop, you get one of the best-selling models from Lenovo. The super nice portable T460s is ultra thin and doesn't weigh much. It has a 6th generation Intel i5 processor, 8 GB RAM and 240 GB fast SSD hard drive. Super performance and nice design. It can be delivered with the programs you want and in the language you want. As a manufacturer of computers, Lenovo is known for being innovative, which is expressed through Lenovo Smart Solutions, which help to increase customer productivity. Their strategy includes intelligent IoT, smart infrastructure and smart verticals. So with their computer, you and your colleagues can safely work through. A laptop that is tailored to your needs When you rent a laptop at Nordic IT Rental, we offer to customize it to suit your needs. We can increase the amount of RAM or insert a larger hard drive. We offer installation and setup of software completely according to your needs. If you have your own software, we can implement it in a solution regardless of whether you need to rent 1 or 500 laptops. When renting a laptop solution, we also offer installation of the Microsoft Office package, which you can rent with here on the page. Laptop rental incl. accessories When renting laptops, you have the option to rent several types of accessories. We offer everything from printers , hand scanners, projectors , screens , docking stations and much more. Call us today and hear more about what we can offer in terms of accessories for your computer.

Mærke Lenovo
Model ThinkpadT460s
Processor Intel
Ram 8
Harddisk 240
Skærm 14.1"
Opløsning 1920
System Microsoft