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Create the perfect men’s evening

If you and your friends want to have the perfect men’s night out, but lack the gear that takes it from good to sublime, we can help put the finishing touches. Create the perfect men’s evening with the right IT equipment.

It can be for a bachelor party, a round birthday or before a wet night out on the town. Either way, we help create the perfect men’s night out. We have a huge selection of digital products from all over the world. Huge flat screens, projectors with screen, Playstations with games, virtual reality, sound equipment and iPads. So only your imagination sets the limits when you and your friends have to let loose with digital entertainment in a class of its own.

Rent Virtual Reality equipment for the perfect men’s night out

Why not go exploring in virtual reality and have an experience that challenges your senses and creates memories you won’t soon forget. There are many who have not yet had the pleasure of this innovative form of entertainment. Why not change it now? We will of course help you all the way and find the solution that suits you best. Then finally contact us on tel. 71998904 .

At Nordic IT Rental, we have several different solutions that you can rent to create the complete VR experience. It could, for example, be it a game, a trip to Africa or an art exhibition. With virtual reality, you are guaranteed a sensual experience that will be fun, challenging and perhaps also a little scary. A popular choice is the Oculus Quest 2. It can both function as a standalone glasses and at the same time it is possible to connect it to a PC via a cable.

If you have become curious about how Virtual Reality works, take a look at Google Earth VR .

We are happy to help put the right content into the glasses and can offer support before, during and after you rent your VR equipment.

Important football matches in the company of friends

Is there a better occasion to gather friends than at a football match? Don’t be limited by IT equipment of questionable quality and impress your guests with a setup that kicks ass. We can supply flat screens, projectors, screen, Apple TV and sound. The only thing you need to ensure is access to the match and then you will easily be able to throw the match up on the screen via stream with an Apple TV , which you can also rent through us. It doesn’t get any easier and you will undoubtedly be bombarded with countless pats on the back and a round or three at the local in town. We can help ensure the perfect men’s night out.

Be the DJ for a night

All you need is a smartphone, a Spotify account, and yes, of course, some super cool audio equipment you rent through us! Then there is a guaranteed wow effect, dancing and group singing all night long. The neighbors are unlikely to be thrilled, but as they say: if there’s going to be a party, let there be a party. We’ve got a super cool VX800BT 2.1 Active speaker set in stock that’s easy to set up and easy to transport, so just stream wirelessly from your smartphone and let your friends compete for the best tracks to get the party going .

Create the perfect men’s night by renting IT equipment from Nordic IT Rental. Call us today.

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