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Create value and attention with VR

Virtual Reality can help create value and increase interest in your event.

Why should you take a closer look at Virtual Reality?

With virtual reality equipment, you can enter another world that feels very real. So we can move people from the real world to a place or situation we want. It could, for example, be SOSU students who visit a citizen in a closed psychiatric residence, which is otherwise not possible to visit. Sight and hearing are tricked into thinking you are in a completely different place, even though the brain is well aware that you are not there. So VR is a way to involve more senses and the whole body in teaching.

What can virtual reality be used for in practice?

• For teaching for SOSU students who visit a citizen in a closed psychiatric residence, which is otherwise not possible to visit.

• It can also be training for employees who must be able to handle critical situations (war, accidents, etc.)

• Therapy training for people suffering from anxiety. Here it can be used to train people to behave in public, drive a bus, shop etc.

• With VR, a virtual reality can be created that is very close to reality.

• Virtual Reality is used in many places as a training tool. For example for pilots, doctors, wind turbine repairers, mechanics, service personnel and much more.

• For entertainment and training where it becomes easier to teach children and young people by incorporating the entertaining element into learning.

• For displaying and visualizing art. Here you can really give the user an experience where both image and sound can be used to influence the senses.

What technologies are there?

At Nordic IT Rental, we have several different solutions for renting VR equipment, but the most popular is the Oculus Quest 2, which can both function as a standalone glasses and at the same time it is possible to connect it to a PC via a cable.

Whether you have to choose one or the other solution depends a lot on what you will use the VR equipment for. In addition to Oculus, there are other suppliers of VR equipment such as e.g. HTC.

You are welcome to contact us on tel. 71998904 if you have any questions about which VR equipment you should choose for your event. We are happy to help you put content into the glasses and can provide support before, during and after you rent your VR equipment.

What do you get when you rent VR equipment?

When you rent VR equipment, we can offer you advice on what will suit your event best. We can advise you on which equipment to choose based on what your event will contain and what you expect to get out of it. Some VR events require staff to help users get the equipment on and off and get it started correctly. We can offer hiring of staff who can help to complete the experience for your users. If you yourself have staff available, we can offer training and instruction so that your own staff can carry out the VR event as best as possible.
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