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Have you been subject to theft, fire or an accident?

Losing all your IT equipment is never fun. Nordic IT Rental can help you

In an instant, you can lose things like TV, iPad and PC/computers, filled with personal information for which you have paid large sums of money over time. But despite that, everyday life must go on and it is in such a situation that Nordic IT Rental can help.

In an article from Randers Amtsavis, they write that theft of IT equipment is unfortunately becoming more and more common for a large number of private and Danish companies. It is “unfortunately” good business for criminals to steal IT equipment. It can quickly be resold on the black market or shipped abroad. The computers are formatted so that they become impossible to trace, and once they have gone beyond the country’s borders, you have little chance of seeing your IT equipment again.

Rent your IT equipment and have it delivered quickly

So if you are in urgent need of IT equipment, we at Nordic IT Rental have most of it in stock and can deliver it to you for a cheap rental price. Rent your IT equipment here. We have desktop computers, PCs, keyboard/mouse, monitors and iPads. Then you can quickly move on with the use of IT equipment, which we have become so dependent on in our work. We are happy to guide you so that you find the right solution. We can also be responsible for installation and set-up.

If the accident is out

There can be several reasons for renting IT equipment that are not due to theft. Maybe your computer has broken down, the screen has fallen down, or there has been water damage or fire. Regardless of the reason, Nordic IT Rental can quickly procure the equipment you need. As they say: “you must never go down on equipment”.

Call us on tel. 71998904 today. Then we will gladly find a flexible and inexpensive solution that fits your needs.

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