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Is your event ready for IT?

It can cause headaches for the organizers when computers are to be used for events, seminars and courses. Two companies talk about why they chose to rent from Nordic IT Rental.

“At short notice we had to procure 160 laptops and 160 external monitors for a large conference,” says project coordinator Martin Frøkiær, who is technically responsible for the conference part of DGI-Byen in Copenhagen. “The machines and screens had to be used for two days in connection with some training on the Microsoft platform, where it was necessary to work on two screens. It was a challenge.”

Few conference centers and organizers have hardware of that magnitude. Of course, it does not pay to buy for only two days, and it can become unmanageable to borrow. That is why Martin Frøkiær and his production technical team chose to rent.

“We contacted Nordic IT Rental, who could deliver 160 sets for use during the two days. Mind you, with our wishes for a control system and software on the machines, so they were ready to set up. It all came as agreed, and we used probably a small day to set it up and the same to take it down afterwards. It also goes with the fact that the prices were reasonable, because that makes a difference in a competitive conference market,” states Martin Frøkiær.

Fuel for the event agency’s many events

As a customer of Nordic IT Rental, we greatly appreciate the reliability the company shows us. The products are always in order, the latest equipment and installed as agreed. Delivery and collection work flawlessly and the dialogue with our contact person Jesper Jacobsen has been positive and uncomplicated from day one – says Maise Rygaard from After Work Arrangement . As an event agency, it is important that we work with suppliers who can move out at short notice. And at the same time also deliver massive amounts of equipment when we have large events. We are very satisfied with our collaboration with Nordic IT Rental.

Obvious market with a large target group

At Nordic IT Rental in Hellerup, Account Manager Jesper Jacobsen is happy for the kind words, and he is happy to explain how it can be done to solve something that could otherwise be a very big headache for organizers of events, conferences, courses and seminars .

“In addition to our own stock of iPads, portable and desktop computers, we have a large network of business partners and suppliers. Therefore, we can drum together a lot of hardware at short notice,” he says. “In addition, we have both storage facilities and a service workshop where we can prepare portable and desktop PCs on assembly lines. We are simply geared up for it, and the organizers will not be able to cope with it themselves. After all, they should also preferably concentrate on the event.”

Michael Vedel also says that they rent out Windows PCs and – as some of the only ones – also Apple products. Nordic IT Rental can, for example, set up 300 laptop PCs for an event. But it is also possible to rent a large number of iPads and iMacs if desired. Flexibility is the key word in a market where things need to go fast.

“Laptops can be rented from just DKK 500 per week and iPads from just DKK 250 per week. And we are happy to offer offers for both large and small events,” says the director of Nordic IT Rental. Customers include Bella Center, Novo Nordisk, Roskilde Festival, DR, Distortion and Region South Denmark.

Successful entrepreneur within rental

In less than 4 years, the company Nordic IT Rental ApS has created a solid profit on the bottom line.

The idea arose by chance, but the entrepreneur Michael Vedel had no doubt for a second about the product’s potential. If I have to point to an area where we have been good at renewing and utilizing our resources in the traditional IT business, it is precisely in this business area, says Michael Vedel.

The business is simply based on the fact that we offer rental of IT equipment, including laptops, iPads, iMacs and other IT equipment for up to 7 days. We can deliver a really large number of devices at a time and our biggest event to date counts 180 laptops.
We simply manage to solve very complex IT needs, quickly, easily and cheaply.

The idea for the rental business arose by pure chance. During the Climate Summit in the Bella Center in Copenhagen, I received a few inquiries that I might be interested in renting out a handful of used computers to a company that was going to participate in the Climate Summit.

At first I turned the customer down, but when he offered to buy all the equipment if I would buy it back 5 days later for 50% of the purchase price, I accepted. I was hooked on the idea of opening a company that exclusively offered rental of IT equipment. Without researching the rental market, I started a website that offered rental of IT equipment. It didn’t take more than a few months before I had my first customers, and more and more people came quickly. Today we have more than 300 business customers in our database.

In the beginning, there was no need for large financing, as the products we rented out were products we already had in stock. We managed to utilize the resources we had available.
Later, we invested in newer equipment, and especially within Apple products.

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