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Rent a printer easily and cheap

If you need to rent a printer for a shorter period, we can help with an easy and cheap rental. It can be in connection with a home office, temporary workplace or a conference.

We have a good selection of printers for hire

At Nordic IT Rental, we have a good selection of regular printers and multifunction printers, which are cheap to rent for a shorter period and easy to install. No need to run to the library to print. Our selection of printers can all be connected via the included USB cable or can be connected via wifi/wireless network. Then you can easily print from a smartphone, laptop or tablet.

We have good and functional printers in stock from the recognized brands HP , EPSON and Brother, which will be able to cope with the most common printing tasks. Both color and black and white. Each printer is delivered incl. a number of prints that vary from model to model. Please contact us if you would like more information.

Good reasons to rent a printer

There can be many reasons why renting a printer may be necessary. Perhaps some documents need to be printed and signed physically, it could be song lyrics for a festive event, or you want pictures of the children from the family party printed and hung on the wall. Whatever your purpose, we should probably be able to help you with a rental printer that can handle the task,

When you rent a printer through Nordic IT Rental, you will be able to get a multifunction printer home, which will be able to handle everything from A3/A4 printing, scanning of documents/images, copying and email. So rent a printer that will be able to handle a multitude of tasks in the small home office or in the company. We are happy to help with setup, configuration and can deliver day to day in Zealand. Contact us today if you want help choosing a printer or booking.

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