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Rent a Short Throw projector

If the space is tight and you want a huge image, rent a Short Throw projector short from Vivitek . It will be the perfect solution for a great visual experience.

Advantages of an Ultra Short Throw

An Ultra Short Throw projector has a screen size of up to 150 inches. In principle, it can be placed very close to the wall or canvas. In this way, you can easily create great visual experiences, without having to mount a projector in the ceiling or have it standing and blowing hot air out near where you are staying.

It delivers a brilliant image of up to 100″. So there is plenty of screen to enjoy when you have to indulge in films or visual presentations. There are a total of 8,760 hours in a year, so you more or less have to keep it running around the clock if you want to take the life of the projector’s 20,000-hour long life.

Use it for teaching, art or film

There are many possibilities with a closeup projector. You can create amazing visual experiences. Project everything from educational materials at school, hold presentations without having to shade the picture or put on a cool movie as if you were at the cinema yourself. It can also be used to show large mock events. Olympics, WC/EC in football or the national handball team.

If you teach where the majority of learning takes place via digital platforms, rent a Short Throw projector and get students involved. Get them engaged in a fun and innovative way where they can throw their work up on the projector. Here the students will be able to present to their classmates and teachers via the Ultra Short Throw. Images and videos will be easily included, as all young people nowadays own a smartphone.

You can rent a screen through us, which will complete the visual experience with a short throw projector. You can see our canvases here.

Contact us if you want more information or want to book a short-throw projector.

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