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Should a wedding be arranged?

If you are planning to hold a dream wedding, Nordic IT Rental can help complete the day.

Rent the IT equipment you just need for the big day

We have a large selection of IT equipment in stock, which is ready for rental for a short period. So no need to invest in a lot of new gear for the big day.

You can easily book the equipment via our website. You choose the equipment you need, then choose the rental period that suits you and finally choose how the equipment is to be delivered. It doesn’t get any easier.

What we can offer:

Virtual reality

If there are children with you, rent our virtual reality equipment and they won’t be bored. And I wonder if the adults will be able to refrain from trying their hand at it themselves. Barely. With virtual reality, you will get out of your current surroundings and let loose in a digital universe, where you can explore and have your senses put to the test. VR’s popularity has exploded over the past few years and is definitely something we’ll be seeing for many years to come. There are many exciting VR games to choose from, so you choose which adventure you want to go on. We recommend renting Oculus Rift or HTC VIVE, where the VR glasses are connected directly to a powerful VR PC. This provides the best experience.


Why not immortalize the memories with some beautiful photos from the day and get the guests involved. You can rent an iPad with a stand and have it standing where the guests could easily take selfies during the wedding. There is hardly a more fun way to have photos taken during the wedding. And everyone these days can undoubtedly operate a tablet, so it’s just a matter of renting one for the big day. So if you want to immortalize the memories in a fun and intuitive way, rent an iPad cheaply through us, without having to pay expensive judgments for a professional photographer. Our Ipads take photos in fantastic quality that will be easy to share.


We have some super nice speaker systems in stock that will definitely be able to get the party started. Simply connect your smartphone and let your or your guests’ party playlist fill the hall with tones that get the dance moves going. Our speaker system comes with a stand for speakers, a trolly for the subwoofer, as well as cables and a remote control.

Rent the IT equipment that will complete the day easily here on our site. We help you find the right thing for your wedding.

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