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The Smile Foundation held a TEENcamp weekend

Smilfonden held a blast of a TEENcamp here in October 2022, where the participants got a hands-on experience. Here, the 19 young participants could forget their serious illnesses and instead indulge in the community over jousting in fun games. From day one, the participants developed social relationships over a FIFA match. For the first time, several went off alone outside of the hospital, and without their parents. It gave them a belief that they could do more than they thought.

In this connection, we had offered the Smilfonden racing simulators, where the young people could play racing drivers with a steering wheel and pedals. In addition, we had set up large flat screens and Playstations so they could compete in Fifa. And it was a hit! The competition was intense and was a great experience for those who took part in the hardships. All the participants were full of smiles, good atmosphere and good mood.

Who is the Smile Foundation?

The Smile Foundation is a charitable association that works to make life easier for children with chronic diseases and their relatives. They do this i.a. with activities such as TEENcamp and Summercamp. Their three core values are: Care, profits and communities.

Read their article about TEENcamp on their website here .

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