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World Cup in football

One of the biggest sporting events will take place at the beginning of November 2022. Specifically, November 20, when the World Cup in football will be kicked off. 12.8.2022

Here, the host nation Qatar meets the South American country Ecuador in an exciting opening match. Due to the early times for the matches, many will probably be in the office. But fear not! We can rent IT equipment to you, so you can watch the matches in the best style.

Rent flat screens or projectors and watch the World Cup in style

Here in Denmark, there is nothing that can bring the nation together like a sporting event where Danish athletes fight for victory. Nordic IT Rental has a large selection of flat screens that you can easily rent at a cheap price and receive with fast delivery. It is possible to create a video wall, where 4 screens are arranged in a huge 130″ picture. We have screens from 50″-130″ which will be able to create the perfect scene for the football matches. We even have projectors and a 200×200 cm screen , which will be perfect for watching the WC.

World Cup in football picture

So rent IT equipment from us and show the matches to the delight of many of your colleagues. In this way, you are guaranteed a good atmosphere in the office, where the national team jerseys will be aired and dannebrog will adorn everywhere.

If the sound must be top notch, complete the experience with a VX800BT 2.1 Active speaker set . Please pray that you will not be disturbed along the way, as this speaker system will produce lots of decibels. Apple TV can also be rented, so you will easily be able to stream the matches to the rented screens. We have a lot of options that will help create just the right framework when the World Cup in football and other important sporting events hit our country.

So if you are interested in creating a great experience with VM and hearing more about what you can rent from us, contact us on phone 71998904 .

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